I&P Indonesia's board as one of the speaker for WINNER conference on 19 October 2022.

This session will be a room for Indonesian NL Alumni diaspora (in the Netherlands) for sharing of knowledge, best practice and expertise in support of the achievement of Sustainable development goals (SDGs) and improvement of a strong and mutually beneficial relationship between Indonesia and the Netherlands. 

This discussion focuses on presentations and conversations on the following dimensions: 
How do NL Alumni contribute to the innovation both technologically and socially towards the achievement of SDGs in Indonesia and the Netherlands? 
To what extent the roles of NL Alumni are essential in coping with the effect of digital society on our today’s life? 
Has study experience in NL impacted on the NL alumni previous and/or current works in conjuction with the achievement of SDGs in Indonesia and the Netherlands? 

Furthermore, the session will also explore how to stimulate cooperation between Indonesia and the Netherlanfs as it is viewed by (different) background and expertise of Indonesian NL alumni diaspora towards the SDGs achievement.